Middle East Respiratory Disease - covid-19

06 Apr

The latest asiaone Singapore news is all about the latest outbreak of a deadly virus that has killed dozens of people in Singapore and caused much fear and confusion in the country. The name of the virus, COVID 19, refers to the particular type of strain of the virus that has affected the young people. This particular strain of the illness is thought to have come from a recent influx of Middle Eastern travelers who have come to Singapore and also people with a chronic respiratory illness. The disease is named as "Covid-19" since it is a combination of symptoms that include cough, fever, skin rashes, and high levels of blood pressure that can cause death in a very short time.

The most common symptoms of COVID 19 include high fever, aches and pains, swollen lymph nodes and pain in the rib cage or diaphragm. Some people may also experience difficulty breathing and a sore throat, although these symptoms can appear at any time of the day or night. Older adults and those with other underlying medical conditions such as lung or heart disease or diabetes tend to be at greater risk for contracting more serious complications from COVID 19.To counter the latest virus, the authorities have introduced the so-called "pox vaccination" which is actually a series of highly infectious injections that is given to young adults. These vaccines are actually shot forms of small doses of live viruses that cause the common symptoms of the virus. It is important to note that most countries have stopped making these vaccines due to the threat posed by this new strain of the virus. Those who received the normal dosage of the vaccines are now advised to go back home and wait for the normal vaccination schedule to resume.

To stop the spread of the latest strain of the Middle East Respiratory Disease (M.R.D.) authorities have issued a news release stating that they have succeeded in stabilizing the number of cases recorded so far this year. The authorities also announced the availability of the latest vaccines recommended for sufferers. They further reported that the latest variant of the covid-19 virus has been isolated and characterized. The latest news Singapore of the condition has sparked off an international interest in the virus and vaccines in general. This is especially true because of the alarming figures released just days before the end of the summer holiday season in which many children became infected with the virus, leading to significant outbreaks of the disease in schools across the country.

Many health care workers have reported experiencing a sharp increase in the number of M.R.D. cases during the week of July 4th through the end of the holiday period. Because of the spike in cases, many health care workers made the difficult decision to go home rather than risk the spreading of the virus, risking possible exposure to the disease while absent from work. A total freeze on all contacts with patients was also put into place to minimize the likelihood of transmission between employees.

There are still limited numbers of cases associated with the latest strain of the Middle East respiratory virus. No new infections have been reported in fiscal second quarter of 2021. However, all health care workers are urged to look carefully at their skin and mucosal fluid and try to detect any signs of illness associated with this new strain. If you or someone you know shows the telltale signs of fever, sore throat, or cough, seek medical attention immediately to avoid the possibility of catching covid-19.